:this morning:

I am writing my monthly column for Wild Sister.
I slept in. And had a cup of strong coffee And still feel groggy.
I have finished four of the books I checked out from the library. In four days.
I am missing my tablet, which died last week (after it stopped being able to recognize being charged).

The sun is shining (after yesterday's wind storm).

Ace of Bass is playing.

Go ahead, laugh. They're the ABBA of my generation. Random play is interesting in my house, that's all I can say. NIN turns into Ace of Bass and who knows what is next. Could be Marilyn Manson or The Beatles. Eclectic tastes, I have them.

[Pet Shop Boys. Oh, that's good!]

While I was sick last week, I started doing a reread of the entire Southern Vampire series (aka the True Blood series, although the series has taken such a u turn away from the books that I wouldn't ever call it that, but you might), which honestly, I thought would take me longer, but I'm finishing a book a day. I read fast, and I've read these before.

I've still got a little bit of a sore throat (and now a runny nose), but the sick feeling is gone so I'm guessing it's morphed into "just" allergies at this point. Weed pollen is high in my area.

But allergies and colds are somewhat similar. I am not at my best. I can do much more when I have allergies (as long as I can still breathe and thanks to the Advair, I can) but I'm under the weather, so to speak. I do a lot of reading.

I do a lot of reading anyway, but when I don't feel well, I'm more inclined to reread old favorites. (And watch old favorite movies). Comfort, that's what I need.

And a hell of a lot of Zyrtec.