traveling spontaneity

Friday night, I decided to grab the bull by the horns and book us a weekend getaway. For that weekend!

One of the "problems" (not really) of living in this area is that there are so many fascinating places near us. We could go exploring every weekend (exhausting ourselves) and it would still take years to see most of what this area has to offer.

We had some criteria:

* Hotel had to have a pool.
* Beach nearby.
* Some kind of kid activity.

I looked around in Long Island and the Jersey shore. But we've been there. I really wanted to go somewhere new, so I made that a criteria, too. I also didn't want to spend more than 3 hours in the car.

* Go somewhere new.
* Closer than 3 hours away.

After I reviewed the revised criteria, it was actually pretty easy to make a hotel selection.

We went to Milford, Connecticut.

Milford has a long stretch of beach, it's close to a zoo, an aquarium AND a children's museum (we only went to the aquarium) and it has an interesting historical background.

OK, let's face it, the entire east coast has an interesting historical background. It's just fun for this west coast grrl to see building markers pre-1800.

(This is one reason why I love Europe so much.)

Despite being so last minute, we had a sense of ease and calm about the whole trip. It was our anniversary weekend, so we lived that up.

Saturday we spent doing laundry and getting ready (and then driving). M and Remy went swimming and then we had (a slightly disappointing) dinner in Milford. We walked along the river.

Sunday we went to the beach.

Monday, we packed up and went to the aquarium in Norwalk on the way home.

Easy peasy lemon squeasy.

Sure, there were moments of hard. We kept Remy up too late on Saturday night (wanting to walk along the river) and that was really unpleasant. We got lost going to the beach. I didn't sleep very well.

But there are hard moments in life. There just are. Whether one travels or not, there are hard moments. Traveling is fun. So we travel.

(We are lucky that we have moved past the stage where we had to scrimp and save to travel. My love has a career that supports us and this is how we choose to spend our money. We still made travel a priority when we were poor college/ grad students. It just took longer to save up for.)

Monday night, we booked train tickets for our next family excursion.