what is

We all die.

I think this is absolutely the bottom line. The bottom, bottom line.

I  know this truth so deeply inside me (and have, since before memory) that it was astonishing to me that I didn't get an A+++ in my existentialism class. (instead, I got a B+ and was like, wtf? until I realized that things like coherent, non-jumbly topic sentences matter in Philosophy, just as much as English. good lesson. I should probably get around to learning it one day.)

(Like all these damn parentheses, what good are they?)

The thing is, our culture (all culture? almost all cultures?) is so death defying that we (collective we) have to go to great lengths to placate ourselves from this bitter, unswerving truth: everyone dies.

We have so many ways to do this, so many types of distraction. I would find it hard to start counting.

We've got people telling us what to eat, left and right. With all their passion, believing that if you just go raw (or paleo or something-something-something) you'll have amazing health and be perfectly golden (oh. until you die. tiny print. ooops. our bad. thanks for playing!)

Don't get me wrong. I don't eat (much) crap. I hate Twinkies. Milk chocolate just has no appeal to me (give me dark dark dark chocolate or give me death!). I eat at McD's about once every five years, and even then it's mostly because I feel bad I have to use their restrooms so much on road trips. And I mostly limit myself to fries, maybe a drink. I drink soda maybe 10 times a year. (Usually less. More when I travel. Plane rides = free soda = me not spilling way too hot coffee on myself, so I get the soda.)

I'm vegetarian-esque. Except I'm not. I eat meat about 3-4 times a week.

My vegan friends are appalled by this. My paleo friends are appalled by this. You may be appalled by this. I don't really care.

What it comes down to is that I am choosing to balance my needs (meat) with the needs of others. I can't cut it out entirely because the last time I did, my health suffered a lot. I don't want to eat more meat. I'd rather eat less. So I eat what I eat.

I'm not a fan of proselytizing for much of anything. People choose what they choose. It's nice to hear some options, sure. And it's good to get word out about things that people might not already know. But once they know, thanks kindly to stop beating the drums about it. I don't want to hear the same message over and over.

This really comes out of left field. Except it doesn't.

I'm on day three of a chest cold and I really want some chicken soup with dumplings.