a storm update

Hey everybody, we did end up losing power (and it is still out, as far as I know: I am updating from the local library). We are otherwise fine: the house did not sustain any damage, we had very little rain in our area (and no flooding that I know of) and other than some big branches and a lot of leaves and twigs, the trees around our house are fine. (I only know of one tree in our neighborhood that came down.) We've already cleaned up the branches and leaves and rehung the one gutter that blew down.

I am so grateful that we are safe and that despite the loss of power, we have everything we need to live. (Candlelight is so delightful.) I know that the coastal areas were slammed by the storm (and even areas outside the coast). I am catching up today on all the news that we have missed.

I will resume regular posting as soon as I am able.

Sending love and light out to all who were affected by Sandy.