catching myself before spiraling all the way down

* blue light (having trouble remembering on the weekends, oops)
* vit D3 (need to up it)
* herbal support (need to go back on it)

* self-care (yes)
* self-love (please)
* self-soothing (maybe)

* creativity (yes)
* support (need more real life friends)
* spiritual connection (yes)

I can feel my mood spiraling down this week. It's the light and the weather. All my other light-dependent friends are feeling it. I am not alone. (I feel alone.)

The blue light helps a lot. After I use it. But I'm waking up progressively sadder every morning. I need more Vit D3 and St John's Wort.

I need to be gentle with myself. And keep remembering, I am not alone. Keep reminding myself, many of my favorite people have this same exact issue. We are ok. We just need more light.

I am ok. I need more light. And some D3. And some St John's Wort. I've got this. I've done this many times before.