here I am

Some days it isn't easy to face the blank page.

(I face a blank page here Monday-Friday.)

Many days, I know exactly what to write. Some days, I don't have a clue.

When it is hard, I start digging for inspiration: read through my rss feed, inbox zero, check facebook. Listen to music. Look through my photos for inspiration: often, I decide what to write because of which photo calls me that morning.

Some days, an article or short story or poem will be compelling enough that I'll have to write about that (like last week, sharing the short story my dear friend Gayle wrote).

Some days, there is an activity or happening to share. Or a book or movie.

Some days I just wake up with a message. Or a poem. (Oh, I love those days.)

The only cure for a blank page is to start writing. And so I do. And let the words take me where I needed to go...