lensbaby love

I have been wanting a Lensbaby for a few years now. I couldn't decide whether I'd want a Muse (possibly more fun to bend the lens) or a Composer (more ability to keep focus which would be particularly great for videos, but also more money).

I had other things to buy. I had time to be indecisive and wait.

It was worth it.

And then this week poof! It was time. I bought myself a used composer on keh.com. (This is not a sponsored post, if you didn't get that already. I don't do sponsored posts.)

I also got a used set of optics because I like having options.

(These were all taken with the single glass optic.)

There is a learning curve with the lensbaby. It is a fully manual lens - the camera does not recognize there is a lens attached, so I have to dial in the shutter speed myself. It isn't difficult to do, it just takes a minute to get used to.

And it is very fun to be able to change the focal point in all directions, just by moving the lens around.

I expected this to be a fun lens and it is. Oh yes, indeedy, it is!

My optics did not come with the aperture set, so I can't change the aperture right now. I'll get the replacement aperture kit at some point, I'm sure. It costs $12. Right now, it's not important, because you know I love the blur of a wide open lens!

Oh hello gorgeous blur. Seriously, I love you.

I may also need to get the macro kit for this lens.

Can you tell how excited I am?!?!?!