love your body day

A day late. Again. Oops. That's ok, though: loving your body is a 365 day a year proposition.

It is moment by moment, choosing to honor and love the body that you are inhabiting at this exact moment, right now. Not when you finally loose that 20 lbs, not when you finally remember to go to the gym again. Not when you get over that nasty cold. Right. Now.

If you are breathing, if you are conscious, your body deserves love.

Even when you are beset by pain, by disease. Love this body that has the capacity to hold so much pain. Love this body that is having this experience and know that the experience will change soon enough.

There's no alternative to having a body that we know of. Before and after death, we have no way of knowing what is. (I don't believe in individual consciousness before or after death, but you might and that's ok.) There is no alternative.

Our bodies are frail. We get cancer, pneumonia, AIDs. Hell, the damn flu can kill us. And even if none of those outside pathogens get us, eventually our organs are going to shut down anyway, because everything that is born dies.

But right here, right now, you are alive. I am alive, writing this. And to revel in this aliveness is the most important lesson I know of. Everyone of us, grateful for being alive? That would change the world.

And for us to be grateful for being alive and loving this body? That would bring a mind blowing cultural change to the western world.

A little over a year ago, I wrote a post on Honoring the Belly. I mentioned that the next area for me to work on loving fully was my double chin. And I've been working on it, all this past year.

What that looks like is me noticing that double chins aren't gross on other women (or men).

That I was taking self portraits to erase my double chin, which is like erasing part of my experience.

So I started deliberately taking portraits to showcase my chins. (You can see them on instagram. I didn't point out that I was doing this, either. I just did it. For me. Because I am the one who needs to believe I am beautiful, fully and utterly beautiful right here, right now.) I just kept noticing and sending love to myself.

(Not being able to accept something about yourself is another thing to start loving, right now.)

Yesterday, I was testing out my new lensbaby and I took this self portrait. And instead of feeling that immediate "OMG I need to lift my neck so my chins don't look so horrible. And the camera should be higher. And..." I just loved myself. That so slight bump of my nose, the roundness of my cheeks, the curve of my neck and yes, yes, yes! the folds of my chin.

(And then I post-processed it to give myself more of a golden glowing look and that didn't feel right with today's post. So I undid all the edits today.)

It took almost a year for me to be able to publicly say FUCK YEAH I LOVE MY CHIN, and it will take longer for that love to become fully integrated in my life. But I am committed to body-love and so I continue to do this work.

Won't you join us?