small/ large: the scheme of things

Yesterday, my mom linked to a really comprehensive article on climate change and denial. Please read it. If nothing else, it will begin to explain to you the sense of urgency (and dread) I have felt since 2010.

And then, maybe two hours after reading this article, I was comparing specs on the new iPad mini and iPod touch.

I need to shake myself awake, sometimes, too.

But I also need to remain compassionate towards myself. I am not going out and buying every new electronic gadget ever made. I no longer own a tablet because the one I bought this summer died spectacularly. My iPod touch is perfectly fine, except that my home button is sticky. (Here's two ways to fix or work around the issue. I'm using Assistive Touch because so far 'recalibrating' hasn't worked. I also tried blowing compressed air through it.)

I'll be putting a lot of thought into the next gadget I buy. It isn't just about wanting a better camera (although I do), it's a delicate balance between loving the world and loving my place in the world.

Let me be blunt: I cannot, by my actions or inactions, change the climate crisis. Even if I don't BUY ALL THE THINGS (a little hyperbole and a half humor for you there), nothing will change.

Change needs to come from the highest levels - government and business. For that reason, the most important thing we can do, as environmentalists, is vote. (Don't vote third party for president. Do vote third party for smaller elections where the third party can work with the rest of the system to get things done. Yes, I'm still mad at Ralph Nader.)

We need to work together to get companies regulated. To raise standards so that emissions are lowered. To start working towards oil (and coal) independence: wind and solar and biofuel, FTW.

All the little things we do in our daily lives (which I hope you do join me in doing) like recycling, composting, reusing cloth instead of paper products. Those are things we are doing for ourselves, to think positively. And that matters, it does. But voting matters most of all.

There are two choices facing us in American politics right now. Two roads. Look down the paths of those roads and see where they end, long term, given the environmental policies of the two parties. To me the choice is clear: I am voting to reelect President Barack Obama.

I hope you will join me. But even if you do not, I hope you will exercise your right to vote in whatever country you are eligible to vote in!