so far today

I woke up to breakfast being made (brown rice biscuits and gravy, coffee) and rain and wind. It's a stay at home day for my entire family (all schools and universities are closed in New Jersey). 

There's not too much rain, not too much wind. Not yet, at least. 

Many of the trees in our neighborhood are on their way to being leafless. 

Years of living in the gulf coast during hurricane and tropical storm warnings that fell much short of what was predicted has taught me that the people who need to worry about the warnings are the people living near water. The rest of us are in limbo, waiting for the possibility of power outages and broken trees. Since that is random, there's not much use in heavy duty worry. Prepare for the worst (water, food, lights) but hope for the best. That's my motto. 

(If you do live on the coast or in a flood plain, please evacuate to safety.)

Last night was eerie. The sky was almost rose colored, at ten pm. There was no rain, and the wind was mostly in the upper atmosphere. Several friends on facebook mentioned "the calm before the storm" and that's what it felt like to me, too. 

(The lights in the distance are NYC. We can't see it all that clearly in the summer, but once those trees begin to loose their leaves, there it is.)

I'm not sure whether we'll have power later tonight/ tomorrow and that's ok. We have batteries, flashlights, candles and the basement will stay warm even if power does go out. 

Our neighbor cut down two dead trees on his property Sunday which was cause for celebration (they were overhanging electrical wires). 

And so we wait. 

While we wait, I am going to be designing a desktop calendar photo for November. It will hopefully be ready to go out today. Only the people on my mailing list receive this photo, so if you want one, please sign up. It's basically an extra blog post a week, just for your inbox.

If you'd like to see what past desktop calendars looked like, here's a glimpse of October and September via instagram.