the path of unconditional love

My latest guest post for Kind Over Matter went live this morning while I was still sleeping. (I'm still trying to shake my cold. Epic sleeping sessions usually help. I woke up feeling much better, thank goodness.)

I'm quite proud of this piece: it is for a new(ish) series Amanda is running called Love For Love (which is thus far, an amazing series of guest posts, I highly recommend checking them all out). My piece is called Autistic: Loving and Being Loved and it delves deep into my beliefs on neurodiversity, autistic (self) advocacy and unconditional love.

Because deep down, that's all we've got: love. All of us, typical or not. Special needs or not. We've got love, binding us together, holding us together on this fragile rock we call home. We might as well spread the canopy of lovingkindness to include more - people, trees, flowers, rocks, instead of being limited by family or tribal boundaries.

And that's my path, helping spread the canopy of unconditional love so it covers everything.