this morning

This photo feels like a painting to me. It is (cropped) straight out of camera, shot yesterday with my new lensbaby composer and the double glass optic. Holy wow!

This morning I am:

:: Playing around with my new lensbaby. Beauty.

:: Waiting to pick up a rental car and take our car into the shop for the weekend. (Having one car can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but it is worthwhile.)

:: Hoping the repairs will be simple and not cost too much.

:: Thinking our next car needs a better suspension system (or something) to be able to hold its own on these potholed streets.

:: Wishing it was spring again, which is absurd. Winter is coming.

(And now I'm thinking about Game of Thrones.)

:: Loving the tree down the street that is turning bright red. Loving the rain today.

:: Missing friends. Missing places we used to live.

:: Worrying about Remy in school and situations I have no control over. Not end of the world worry, just anxiety. Which I know I can let go of, but I can't yet. (I will. Eventually.) He does so well academically. I'm thinking we might try some social stories and see if that helps. (I think it will help. Why didn't I try this before? Oh well. It's time now.)

:: Practicing not beating myself up. Practicing noticing when I do. Practicing shifting the words in my head.

:: Writing my newsletter. And finishing a guest blog for Kind Over Matter and next month's Wild Sister article.

:: Enjoying my family, our idiosyncratic ways. Thinking about what we might do this weekend.

:: Drinking lapsang souchon and assam tea.