yesterday/ dreaming about whales

Yesterday was a half day at school.

(I am not going to rant about Columbus Day.)

Remy came home and didn't want to go back out - he just wanted to play with Lego and read and draw. As usual. Legoing is fun.

I baked a batch of my now-favorite cookies (oatmeal coconut chocolate chip, super yum! My sort of recipe is here, in the comments to this instagram photo I took - they're just a basic chocolate chip cookie recipe with toasted old fashioned oats instead of flour and an addition of shredded coconut because coconut and chocolate is my favorite cookie combination).

Remy ate almost two cookies (they're big) and loved them. I put one in his lunch for today. I felt very domestic. That was also fun.

After Remy went to bed, M and I watched Raiders of the Lost Arc (we missed it when it hit IMAX last month). It's still an amazing film, even if I wish they hadn't made a fourth installment.

Last night, apropos of nothing, I dreamt that I could sing-communicate to animals - I was on a houseboat in Seattle and for whatever reason, there was an Orca that fell in love with me and wanted me to sing more to it, so it came and moved the houseboat around, to get my attention. (Scary-awesome-love.) Then it broke the windows of the houseboat and put its head in my lap and let me massage its gums (which were much rougher than a cat's tongue). After I figured out it just wanted me to sing to it more, it went back in the water, happy as a (wait for it) Orca.

This makes my recurrent dreams (about scary shapes in deep water underneath me) seem oddly tame. Who knew the Killer Whale lurking underneath was just waiting to fall in love with me.

Dreams. They're funny. And weird.

Kinda like life.