:: gratitude ::

:: our power came back on moments after remy fell asleep last night.

:: sitting in candlelight with my husband after the power had come back on. we were both using electronic devices, but it still felt very cozy... easing back into the 21st century. our neighbors next door turned on every single light in their house. that felt strange to me. i wanted soft light.

:: and then watching castle on our wall. i love me some nathan fillion (brown coats forever!) and stana katic is equally awesome.

:: when remy woke up and i told him the power was back on, he hugged me and was so excited.

:: feeling so happy and secure with my family around me. grateful we don't argue excessively or have issues getting along. i know how lucky we are in this. we had prepped remy in advance that the power might go out and kept reiterating that the workers were working very hard. (we also had a flashlight just for him to use.) even not being able to go trick or treat on halloween itself was fine, because we pretended to trick or treat at home.

:: knowing that everyone in the area who was working on restoring power (and cutting down trees and restoring everything) was working hard, doing great work.

:: being able to listen to pandora on the surround sound while i hooped last night.

:: it's november, the month before my birthday. i will be 38 this year, which feels like a magical number.

:: today is autistics speaking day.