love love love

yesterday, i received this beautiful hamsa (hand amulet) in the mail. it was a gift from a Spirits of Joy sister. her note says it all: love love love

(and isn't it such a gift to receive something with pretty handwriting on it these days? treasure.)

and as i wore it, i began to formulate a plan. a plan to bring a similarly beautiful thing to you, my dear readers.

my birthday is in less than a week. i knew i wanted to have a give away (like last year's, only physical).

as i get older, it is more and more important to me to say thank you on my birthday. thank you for loving and supporting me, for being here with me on this journey. it is a blessing, truly.

and like my friend (R) who sent this beautiful hamsa because she was no longer wearing it and wanted it to find a new home, i have a lot of jewelry that could find new homes (including pendants and rings that i have made with my own photos). i've never put jewelry in my give away pile before, because it is so personal. the memories associated with jewelry are strong and i've really always felt they needed to go to places i know they'll be loved.

i think i've figured out a way to send out some pieces of jewelry to you, my loves, AND give another gift (to a charity like oxfam or kiva) this birthday year.

my plan isn't complete quite yet (i need to figure out how to get each piece to the right person - i suspect this will have to be done via a facebook group.) plus, i have to buy bubble mailers and photograph all my jewelry. (i suspect i have about 50 pieces i could give away, and if we have less people, i will double or triple up on pieces.)

my goal is to have this party started by my birthday, which is next tuesday.

[if you're interested in helping me set this up, let me know! i could use some cheerleaders, at least!]