our nor'easter

This year's unseasonable snow storm is about a week and a half later than last year's was.

Coming on top of Hurricane Sandy, this little Nor'easter hardly seems like much, at least where I am. Our school had a delayed opening this morning and is otherwise having a regular day. Our roads are plowed. It was just early snow.

However, people did loose power. In any storm, there's a potential for power loss (I'm looking into getting one of these types of heat sources to be prepared for the next winter storm: propane or gel fuel).

I know of at least one person who had just gotten power back, only to loose it on and off yesterday. That must have sucked.

Worse still, all those areas who don't have power back and don't know when it is going to be restored.

Thankfully, today is starting to warm up and that trend looks like it will continue through til the weekend, with highs in the low 60s for a few days. Thank goodness.

Thank goodness.

You can still find places to donate and volunteer through Occupy Sandy (they have amazon registries set up for direct donations of goods, which I think is remarkably clever). They are organizing NJ relief as well.

Let's do our best to make sure everyone stays warm!