OK, technically I think he was doing that six year old kid of a photographing mom thing where he was trying to get me to stop taking photos of him, but it's still a fun shot.

Interestingly enough, he also does this when I use the rear camera of the iPod touch (too much), but not always when I use the front camera of the touch. And also, he lets me take his photo an awfully lot, so when he wants me to stop, I do.

And sometimes, just sometimes, he gives the camera a real smile.

What a kid!

He doesn't know this, but that iPod is soon to be designated officially his (not that that will really matter in the slightest). I'm getting a Galaxy Player 5.0 for my birthday. I choose that over the new iPod touch (5th generation), mainly because of the screen size.

I'm hoping that it is big enough to replace the tablet that died this summer, plus replace the iPod and be a good all in one device (minus a phone/ data plan).

The camera isn't great, but it's better than the 4th gen iPod's, and it has a macro function and certain other features that make me happy. Since I spent the entire train ride to Chicago reading books on the tiny screen of the iPod, I'm thinking the 5 inch screen will seem huge in comparison.

(You can tell this is Yoda, right? The big green ears, the green light saber -- okay, it's all Clone Wars-y, but my kid likes the Clone Wars, whatcha going to do? And Yoda does kick ass, so that's cool.)

Anyway, I'll try to do a proper compare/ contrast post at some point in the next few weeks. Just for fun. And to get my mom's goat because she hates it when I talk write so much about technology.

I'm a geek grrl, whatcha gonna do!