poeming in november




Sometime in the middle of October, I start thinking about November, which is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo - it's technically international now, but the acronym went viral long ago, so National it stays).

I toyed with writing a novel this month. I even started imagining a character, which is how I start fictionally. And then I started thinking about plot, which is unusual for me. (I didn't get anywhere with said plot, but that's normal. Plot and I have issues, which is why fiction is not my forte.)

But then we lost power. And after we got our power back, I couldn't imagine writing the 1667 words a day that I'd need to write. (I have "won" NaNoWriMo at least once, I remember how intensive it got.)

I'm not up for intensive writing at this moment. Not yet.

But... I wanted to do a writing challenge, just for me.

And so I decided: I will write a haiku a day. I'm not going to post them here; I'll be posting them on instagram (and my feed is automated to facebook now), as poem photos.

(I'm also day 7 into a personal 30 minutes a day for 30 days hooping challenge, and I've been posting a photo each day, which is fun.)

One haiku each day. 30 days. November.

Remembering my poetic self.