'round here

Things are slowly starting to normalize here in inland northern NJ. Schools opening, gas lines getting shorter, people back to arguing politics. More and more people are getting their power back. Many are still waiting, but there is another big push today so I think by the end of the day most of the people I know without power will be getting it back. I hope.

So many people in the Tristate area are still without power. Without heat, in many cases. It's getting colder. This is not a great situation.

Still, I am grateful that instead of the confused (and lax) response after Hurricane Katrina, we have seen a push towards restoration. Towards helping those who have been completely devastated.

(Remember, it took six days for everyone to be evacuated from the Superdome after Katrina. I'm not entirely sure I can actually fathom that. It just doesn't compute. It's too horrific.)

M and I are in a unique position, having been inside the affected areas of both Katrina and Sandy. In both cases, we were in areas that lost power but were not flooded or destroyed. We were - and are - incredibly lucky.

My heart goes out to those affected. To those who still have no power. Especially those who are overlooked even in the best of times.

My heart is grateful for those who have been volunteering their time. My heart is grateful for those who have donated blood or goods or money. Thank you.

You can go to interoccupy.net/occupysandy to find out what is needed and where.

And please, please - remember to vote tomorrow! 

In NJ, you can find out if your polling place has changed or if you are eligible to vote via email/ fax here. 

NYC information is here, although many places are having "real problems," according to Mayor Bloomberg.