whatever tomorrow brings...

i cannot lie to you. we all die. each of us, born into this world, will die. there is no "if" there is only "when." we recoil from this fundamental truth. i know we recoil. we try to consciously, or unconsciously promise ourselves that we will be different, that our children, our loved ones, will be different. but everyone dies.

our bodies are fragile. it doesn't take much. in the very end, if we have been lucky and lived the longest, fullest, most amazing life, we still die. slowly or suddenly.

and if we're unlucky, we go long before we should, in the beginning or middle of what should have been our life but wasn't. infants die. children die. middle aged mothers and fathers of three die. you will die.

there is no fair.

there is no possibility of getting out of this alive.

what we can do is live: right here, right now. whatever tomorrow brings, live today in the best way we can.

the real miracle isn't finding a way to extend our lives. the real miracle is that we are here right now, alive and breathing.

the real miracle is that we were ever here at all.