I'm starting this day off late, because I just needed to sleep. When my desire for tea (to soothe this sore throat) eclipsed the desire to stay in bed, I got up. (Oh thank you beautiful tea. More lychee again today. Mmmmm.) 

I have a feeling I'll be spending a lot of today on the couch, reading or watching netflix. At least until Remy gets home. 

And that's ok. Sick happens. Isn't that why I keep my tea cabinet stocked so damn well? 

Remy's cold turned into a sinus infection/ minor ear infection and he got a small course of antibiotics to take and he's back to school today - last night he even felt well enough to go to his holiday concert at school.  That kid has an amazing immune system, it makes me jealous sometimes. But if our roles were reversed and his immune system sucked and mine was awesome, I would feel worse, I know. So, I won't wish for what I don't have. I've been dealing with getting sick for a long time, I'm good at it.

Today is 12/12/12 - I am committed to shooting video for the One Day on Earth project and to shooting a "day in the life" series of photos of my day, ala Xanthe Berkeley's time capsules. (I am not committing to turning my day's photos into a video, although I might. I do love making videos and I could use more practice... Montage: Soulful Gathering is definitely in my future.) 

I'll probably be filming most of the day on my (new) Galaxy Player instead of using my dslr. It's just easier. And on a sick day, I need easy. (Except the camera keeps freezing up, so I probably need to troubleshoot that first.) 

Yesterday, I downloaded The Descendants from my library system and read it on my Player. Yup: hooked. I could read things on my iPod touch, too, but the small screen was annoying. I'll write more about this later, but on a sick day I really need to read and being able to download library books is absolutely fantastic. 

(I feel no guilt at all if I don't get hooked on a book and decide to delete it without finishing.) 

The movie they made from the book is also fantastic - one of my favorites from last year, in fact (George Clooney, swoon) - but the book is even richer (as it should be). A little slice of real (descendant) life in Hawaii. It made me want to write fiction again. And I realized (probably for the fifteenth time), that plot isn't the end all be all. Character. Relationships. That's what drives a book. 

(I'm also rereading Bird by Bird. You should also read that, if you're a writer. Or even if you're not. Anne Lamott is awesome. And she grew up not too far from where I grew up, in Northern Ca. I'm always recognizing places in her writing.) 

I read a lot of genre fiction, and genre fiction is very plot driven in some respects. But I read for the characters, not for the fantastical plots. (OK, the fantastical plots are awesome, too. Who doesn't love a good quest/ save the world book? Especially if the world isn't this one, or is just different enough to engage one's 'oooh shiny" reflexes.) But the fantastical plots come after the characters. I fall in love with characters. Always. 

So when I'm worrying that my plots will be boring, I could just be writing. About character. And relationships. 

(And writing. And writing. And writing some more.)

Ironically, I was writing this piece when 12:12 on 12/12 happened, so I didn't get a clever shot of my screen saver. Which is kinda awesome. Once I start writing, I'm writing, in the flow. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Really, I wouldn't have it any other way.