Awesome Stuff 2012

trips taken:

* California, with Remy
* Chicago by car with the three of us
* Oregon - California, just me and my friend from high school
Connecticut (for our anniversary)
* Pennsylvania (twice - once for a dance retreat and once for a funeral)
* Chicago by train

things given away:

* books
* a foot and a half of dreadlocks, given to the birds
* love
* the Wild Women Manifesto
* desktop calendars
* jewelry

things received:

* new camera
* camera remote
* a brand new baby nephew
* new lenses
* minimalist shoes
* galaxy player

things that broke:

* my computer
* my tablet

things that got healed:

* my computer (whew!)
* my belief in myself
* more body-acceptance

what was hard:

* Remy being sick so much (no, seriously - it was a bad year of getting sick for me, too, but Remy being sick is ten million times worse... thankfully, he seems to be back to his normal awesome immune system)
* anxiety (and more anxiety - dealing with my anxiety was part of the bigger theme of the year for me: breathe)
* hurricane sandy 
* grief for those lost to violence

what was awesome:
* writing poems
* taking photos
* going to the movies with my love (especially cloud atlas)
* reading lots of books
* going to the beach (any and every beach)


* a third year of NaPoWriMo!
* two new ebooks (year one and two of NaPoWriMo)
* dancing at Spring Caravan
* writing a monthly column for Wild Sister Magazine
* my first headshot shoot
* Guest posted for Kind Over Matter (twice! And a third post coming in January that I am quite excited about!)
* my first family shoot for pay
* second year shooting the same event in NYC!
* haiku a day in November
* 366 project on instagram (that started a few weeks into the year)
* starting my five year journal (so much fun)

most looking forward to in 2013:

* going on a huge trip in the summer. We're finally starting to narrow it down - it's looking like we'll be going to (Southeast) Asia - possibly Thailand, Cambodia or Vietnam, but India and China are still being tossed around as possibilities, too. this trip has been on our bucket list for a l o n g time and we think it might be time.

(I still wouldn't count out a change of continents... I won't know where we're going til our tickets are booked!)