cloud gazing

As a Jewish family, our holiday season is done already. Even New Years isn't that big a deal in our house (although Remy is really looking forward to switching to his new Angry Birds calendar, and to 2013). However, we live in a predominantly Christian society (the USA) and thus, we get the same winter break as everyone else this next week and a half.

Thus, my posting is likely to be spotty. Some days, we're going to be going out and doing things. Some days, I'll be able to stand up/ sit down and write as usual. I won't know until the day. That's life. It's awesome!

I wish you a happy end of December (and Merry Christmas, if that's the holiday you celebrate). I hope those of you with kids on break have a wonderful time and those of you with homeschooled kids do, too. And for those readers who have no kids (or grownup kids), I wish you a fabulous time as well.

Create space to cloud gaze for awhile. Create space for you own celebration of this messy, wonderous, amazing thing we call life. Create space to savor where you are, at this moment in time. And then maybe, just maybe, create space to look behind at the year you had and look forward to the year you want to have.