Last week, Remy was painting and I was taking photos of him painting. It seemed like he was done with this portrait of Skippyjon Jones and I shot the photo on the left.

Remy wanted to see the photo, then asked me to print it out, so he could stick it up next to the painting. (Which he then proceeded to add words to.)

I was so excited by this collaborative project, because it's meta-ness is just the kind of thing I would have thought of, too. But it was all him (except for the idea of taking photos, that was me documenting). Post-modernism runs strong in our family...

Also, I seemed to have fixed my printer issues,  yay!


I'm on my way to see an early morning showing of Les Miz today, hoping (but not realistically expecting) that maybe there won't be that many people and I can kind of sing along, sotto vocce. Meanwhile, today's earworm is "Do You Hear the People Sing?" which I have been singing non-stop. I don't expect to do a review of this movie, except probably on my personal FaceBook wall. I just love the music. (The overly melodramatic story line was also dear to me as a teenager, but I do not know how it will hold up now that I am a mom. We'll see.)

PS: yes, you're reading correctly at the bottom left corner here. Remy has decreed that his "Japanese name" is Kai. Has for a few months now. That's a Ninjago reference. He's really pulling hard for us to go to Japan instead of Thailand (we might be able to finagle a stop-over).