my haiku project

Well, I didn't make it the entire 30 days of hooping. But I did manage to write a haiku every day in November (except the 13, which I wrote today). Oh, how I have always loved haiku! (I still have a long term dream to make a haiku movie. Shhh. It's closer to being a reality than even I know!)

Still, I haven't ever done a haiku practice. It was amazing. Taking a photo for each haiku. Writing the haiku. It connected me to poetry in a very strong way. Reminded me that poetry drops deep but also skims lightly.

My drunken haiku got the most response: "Coffee cup of wine:/ staying sane on this long/ motherfucking day." Profanity also got thumbs ups: "Bird on a wire/ above empty branches/ tweets: fuck you, nature!" My peeps love the judaacious use of swear words, that's for sure! You wouldn't be my peeps if you didn't!

But I think my favorite was this one, which combines three prayers that are important to me: "may the road rise up/ may memory be a blessing/ may all beings find peace." That one brings my soul peace.

In collage form, some of the poems are hard to read. But they're all there on my instagram feed, or you can look them up by following my #haikuaday hashtag.

I am considering offering a couple of different e-courses in the next year and one of them is this haiku a day project. Let me know if that appeals to you!