my new galaxy player

While I'm still sick, I thought I might do this review because I took so many photos of me reading e-books on the Galaxy Player yesterday.

The smallest screen in the photo above is my old iPod touch (4th generation). The larger screen is my new Galaxy Player 5.0* (the 5.0 refers to the size of the screen, which is five inches on the diagonal, it comes in different screen sizes, so you can pick the one that works best for you). The book is a standard sized paperback. (It's my copy of The Hobbit. Aren't you as crazy excited about the movie coming out TOMORROW as I am???? My husband and I are going to see it in the morning, unless we're both still really horribly sick and then we'll wait til Sunday. ZOMG. can't. wait.)

I think these photos tell you what I love about the Player without me really needing to say much more. Except I will. Say more, that is. Because that's what I do. I write.

The Player is bigger and heavier than the iPod touch. By a lot. Now, to some people, that would be a minus. Remy's six year old hands probably wouldn't hold the Player as easily as they hold the iPod. (Which is why I'm not buying him a Player, as now he has my old iPod for his very own, his precious, if you will. Only not. Because it's not a gold ring with secret writing in it. Duh.)

Let's get to the camera and do a side by side photo comparison. (BTW, I did figure out how I was locking the camera up yesterday on the player and how to unlock it. Power + home. Obviously. Thanks google!)

It really doesn't seem fair to compare photos from the Player and the old iPod, since the rear facing camera on that iPod touch had such a horrible camera (the front facing cameras are the same horribleness). But let's do it anyway, shall we?

On the left you have the photos taken by the iPod touch. On the right, the Galaxy Player photos.

The angle isn't the same (the Galaxy has a wider lens). But the resolution difference is noteable, especially in the nighttime photos. (Both are photos of us watching a movie on our wall. Info on our set up is here. If you can't tell, the iPod shot is the first Underworld movie and the Galaxy Player shot is from the first Die Hard. We own both of those movies on DVD because they are awesome.)

What I particularly like about the camera on the Player (even more than that awesome resolution difference) is that it has much more functionality than the camera on the iPod. I can set a timer. I can switch to macro focus. I can change the white balance. I can change the ISO. (Crazy, right?) I would say that with this ability comes responsibility: it isn't as easy to take photos. If you're inside, you do have to switch the white balance (or switch to a different mode). I'm a photographer, I really don't mind. You might, if you just want to point and shoot.

The fifth gen iPod touch has a bigger resolution camera (front and back) but lacks the functionality of the Player. I tested it in the store and preferred shooting with the Player. I like being able to change settings.

Now let's talk about the main reason I switched. That huge screen. Five inches. (1.5 more inches on the diagonal than the iPod touch 4th gen.) Guess what? It really is like having a small tablet that I can fit in my pocket. After my (crappy off-brand) android tablet died this summer, I realized that reading e-books is something that really, really appeals to me a lot.

Being able to download a book from the library and read it immediately is so very awesome. Yay, OverDrive! Yay, libraries!

For popular books, you may have to put a hold on a book. But the overdrive app also lets you search by "available now" which is great when you just want to read something. That's how I found The Descendants, just scrolling through what was available to check out. (That's also how I found Dreaming Anastasia, but I still haven't started that yet, because by the time I was done with The Descendants, The Last Olympian was available.)

When I was researching my next electronic purchase, I debated getting the new (fifth generation) iPod touch and also getting an e-ink reading device. The fifth generation iPod does have a better camera than the Galaxy Player. But when I went to Best Buy to play with both devices, the iPod just felt tiny in my hand, even though it actually has a slightly larger screen than the fourth generation. It is so thin, it just felt wrong.

And the battery. With the old iPod, I was having to plug it in to recharge at least once a day (sometimes twice). Turning off wifi didn't really make that much of a difference. It was seriously annoying.

With the Galaxy Player, I can go more than an entire day without recharging. (Recharging does take significantly longer - hours vs minutes - with the Player, so I tend to plug it in every night whether it really needs it or not.)

(Before I added an anti-virus program, I was able to go two days without recharging the Player. Running the anti-virus app takes a lot out of the battery, but it's worth it.)

While the Galaxy Player is much larger and heavier (not that heavy, only 6.42 ounces, much lighter than my android tablet was - by comparison, the 4th gen iPod weighs 3.56 ounces and the 5th generation weighs 3.10 ounces and the tablet that became a brick weighed 17 ounces).

I also debated getting the new iPad mini. But at 7.9 inches, it is just slightly too big to replace the iPod touch for me. I can't fit it in my pocket (or tuck it into my sports bra) and carry it around. I don't have a smart phone (I don't want a data plan). I have a regular texting phone and a wifi media player (which I use as a point and shoot camera). I don't carry my phone around, I carry my Player around. That works for me.

Since I got the Player, I haven't used the old iPod touch at all (except to help Remy out with google searches). I don't miss it. The Galaxy Player is perfect for me. And luckily, my old the iPod touch is still perfect for Remy.

(Apple does have better/easier options for child proofing their devices than Android does, no question.)

I've been fairly surprised that he didn't want to play with my new Player. But he hasn't at all. He was super excited that the iPod is now his and hasn't really been interested in the Player, except to look over my shoulder when I am playing Angry Birds, or to look at photos I've taken.

And then I remind him he can take his own photos on the iPod and he gets excited and goes and grabs it and snaps away. I really can't wait til he's old enough to really lug around my older dslr. I have let him shoot with it some, but it's still too big for him to really use a lot. Soon. Soon.

And there you go. My (hopefully not too technical) review of the Galaxy Player 5.0. Awesometastic!

* Yes, I was tempted to wait til the Galaxy Player 5.8 gets released in the US, but no one knows when that will be. And I also checked out the Galaxy Camera, but that thing is way too big and too heavy. Plus, it only comes with a data plan. No thank you. I really like being the only middle aged person I know (other than my husband) without a data plan. I really like it a lot.