patience is rewarded

Yesterday, it snowed from about 2 or 3 til about dark (around six). Sometime around then, it turned to rain, and the snow that had built up (a few inches, it seemed like), started melting.

Today, there's only a few remnants of ice here and there.

And there's life in a nutshell: ebb and flow.

I really don't mind that the snow is gone because I am not a fan. But I know there are many people who are, who would be very sad about the disappearance.

(Most of the snow to the west and north of us stuck around, we happened to be in rain belt.)

This is life: good days, bad days. People who love snow and people who hate it. Exhaustion and elation.

The whole thing is worth it. Just showing up, just seeing what happens next: worth it. It's just fun.

And when it isn't fun, you know the fun is right around the corner, right? Because it is. It really is. The corner may be really wide (oh so damn wide), but there is fun waiting for you to find around it, I know.

Sometimes a little patience is required. And sometimes you have to go out and storm that corner, ambushing the fun and living it up full throttle. It's the difference between letting the rain melt all the snow and shoveling it out of your driveway so you can go do something fun. Sometimes there's rain to melt it and sometimes there isn't and you just have to do it yourself.

(If you've ever shoveled snow only to have it all melt a few hours later, you know that in that case, laughing at yourself is really the only solution.)

So, whichever kind of day you're having: a wait for the rain to melt day or a shovel the hell out of the driveway day, try keeping a sense of humor about the whole thing. That will definitely help.

And if you can't, go outside and take a really long walk. Or just pretend to walk and stare up at the sky for awhile and let the sky put everything into perspective. It's good that way.