Yesterday's post was accompanied by photos I'd taken the afternoon before, with my lensbaby and the (I think) double optic.

With 2013 coming up (no, I'm not concerned about the apocalypse at all, but you already knew that, right?), I'm thinking about a new photo project. I'll probably be continuing my erstwhile instagram photo a day project, too, although it may move to a different location, depending on how much insta annoys me with their new ads, starting in January.

Starting a  new project with the lensbaby sounds like fun, though. Maybe a 52 week project instead of a 365 (daily) project. I'm not sure. I'm mulling it over.

What I know is this: I love shooting with the lensbaby. I especially love landscapes with it. I'm digging the "lace" of bare trees (as my souster daisybones put it a few weeks ago when she proposed a new winter project for the two of us to do together). And having projects is definitely a Good Thing for me. I'm not always naming them publicly, but I've been doing an ongoing project of "waiting" on instagram, too. Looking up, or over, or at myself (or sometimes all three) while I sit waiting for the school bus each afternoon.

Which reminds me, I really need want to set up a portfolio site. I'd sort of started at the beginning of the school year and then it just got beyond me, with being sick and doing other things.

Oh, all the things I could be doing. I also really want to sort through some of the excess clutter downstairs (again) - which is mostly six year old art projects, as usual - before winter break starts. That's actually more of a priority, because it will make a difference in how our days go. Tabula Rasa, a clean slate, works better to facilitate having fun with the materials we have.

If I were more of a scheduler, I'd line up all my projects and just commit to doing one a day (or more realistically, one a week - which I sort of already do, I just don't have a master-list of projects handy). Perhaps I will try that. Putting together a master-list of all my projects. After the break.

No, really. During winter break, I'm just going to be writing, taking photos and hanging out with my family. That's enough.

And really, it's enough. Period. But I do like doing other things, when I have the time and energy.

Maybe that's another reason I picked the word "expand" as my one guiding word for next year. I'm going to be expanding my gentleness towards myself, when I'm not feeling up to doing much beyond the basics. (And expand in other ways when I am feeling up to it...)

Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'll turn the music up and get started decluttering: expanding the space and clarity in my house. Yes.