another day, another sparrow

I ended up finishing that too lonely, lovely book yesterday (The Silent Land, by Graham Joyce). I couldn't help but finish it, the writing was too good. I wouldn't recommend starting it on a bleak, gray winter day, is all. I'm planning on reading more of Mr Joyce's books.

(And here's a tip: if you're going to get caught in an avalanche, carry a phone with you and let it ring. And don't have it on vibrate, because then your rescuer won't be able to hear you. You're welcome.)

Today I need to finish up (ahem start) editing my video from 12/12/12 for One Day on Earth. It's due Sunday.

And (writing) deadlines abound next week, which I want to get started on now. And I want to submit something to Shots this quarter... like that little sparrow up there.

Where is that master list of projects that I was thinking of creating? Mmmm... Maybe that is a good first step. Wait, second step. Need to get this video in first.

Meanwhile, I'm listening to a new (to me) singer named Kat Edmonson on spotify. You're welcome.