beauty in this moment

What I want to say today is that it is ok to be where you are right now.

If it is winter, be winter.

(If it is summer, be summer. Hi to my friends in Australia/ Brazil etc... Hope you are soaking up the sun.)

If you are feeling low energy, feel low energy. If you are feeling like you can conquer the world, conquer the world! (Just do it peacefully, ok?)

I think so often we feel we "should" be somewhere other than where we are. We "should" be doing more (or less), we "should" be more productive (or wishing we didn't need to be quite so productive).

But where you are right now is just that, where you are. Wishing and shoulding won't change it.

Only you can change it. And you can, you can. But you have to work, not wish and should. You have to change things, not wish them away. It is a lot of work. It is even more work to be where you are and make that change, in the moment of this moment, which is the only time you have.

Sometimes, the best thing to do is lay down at the end of the night and let it all go. Sometimes you will need help to do so. I recommend head massages from your significant other or a glass of wine or reading a book in the bath or a favorite show and melatonin (or maybe all of the above, mmmmm yes.). Something soothing and nurturing that doesn't feel like another should but is instead a great big yes. You know what it is for you. Sometimes you will just need to cry. Or laugh hysterically.

Don't let yourself get so smothered in shoulds and wishes that you forget to see the beauty that is inside of you right now.

Right now is beautiful.

Whether you are broken on the floor or soaring towards the sky, it is beautiful. Because it is in you.