dreaming into doing

Today, I was going to start putting together my master list of projects. I want to try out the Right Brain Business Plan method, since it is intensely visual and while I'm not an overly visual person, I like the idea of visualizing. (Which basically means I'll write out a list and maybe add some pretty pictures. Which is ok, because pretty pictures are fun.)

Here's the thing: I have a lot of creative energy but I also feel like I have creative ADD sometimes. I love creating ideas, I am not so into follow-through. I forget easily and go on to the next thing.

Except that I don't give myself enough credit, I do follow through on important things. I have stuck with poetry and photography and writing and I am always creating. Sometimes I use my supposed lack of follow through as an excuse because the project at hand is boring and I just plain don't wanna. Sometimes, it really just is about idea creation and play and it's ok if I don't actually follow through with some of my billion creative ideas because that wasn't why I was brainstorming to begin with.

But I want a master list right now, because I want to expand into actually creating more *products* for people this year.

After all, it is in the doing that the thing is done.

But, it turns out today might just be a day for dreaming about the doing. Because it is once again, a sick day for my son. And even though it is an undemanding sick day (unlike last week where he needed me the entire day), it also turned out to be a day of talking to my souster for a long time and I think I might call my mom and yeah, things happen. Life happens.

I like letting life happen, because it drops a lot of cool things on my doorstep. Even if I don't always follow through, there's always more later. That's just how it works for me. And I like to let it work.

So today, dreaming. Tomorrow (or this afternoon, or Wednesday), doing. Yes.