everything all at once

Last night went just as I (half-sort-of-kinda) planned it. M and I had dinner after Remy went to bed, opened a bottle of champagne (yes, early), and had some quality time together watching The Matrix. 

We don't do countdowns and staying up.

Instead, watching the beginning of one my favorite movie trilogies of all time, I loudly  (drunkenly) counted greens and blues (inside and outside the matrix - though the reds flash everywhere, which is something I had not noticed before) and generally enjoyed myself immensely.

We've seen the movie so many times before, we know the lines (we say them along with the characters).

Nevertheless, every time I see it (any of them) I figure out something new. This time, it was crystal clear to me that the ending of the trilogy is embedded right there in the ending of the original (as much as people love to hate on the second and third movies, they really do make sense).

What The Matrix does is change the concept - shift the paradigm, if you will - of the savior hero. Neo, he's "The One" (or so believe both Trinity - who herself does things that aren't supposed to be possible - and Morpheus). But he isn't, not really (the entire prophecy is a lie). He's not "The One" he's just part of EVERYTHING. He expands beyond belief, beyond prophecy, beyond himself, into pure existence.

Pure existence. Beyond "matrix," beyond "reality," beyond here or there. Just be-ing. Completely and utterly awake. He shows the way.

And it starts, oh so obviously, with love.

Yup, it is absolutely no wonder The Matrix is one of my favorite movie trilogies. Not at all. Love.