keep on expanding...

It was cold enough on Monday that I needed two pairs of gloves when I went out to wait for the bus. And I still had to put my hands in my pockets.

It snow/ice/rained, turning from one to the next in the space of the day. By evening, the rain had melted most of the snow/ ice.

Yesterday, with a high of 65°F an older woman at the gym told me "this is what we get for messing with the planet." The reality of climate change is sinking in. It isn't just about warming, it's about erratic weather patterns. It's about super storms and habitable areas becoming inhabitable. It's about drought and hurricanes.

And it is survivable. But we have to adapt. We have to become better at figuring out how to live on this planet without depleting it. We have to stop being parasites and start being symbiotic.

I am done being afraid. Yes, I may not survive abrupt climate change. But I won't know until I am in it. It isn't worth being afraid. Shit happens, we die. I am doing my part, that is all I can do.

It's time to expand into a new way of being.