meta-collage (or: this is not the collage I was looking for)

The original collage

Today is starting so slowly.

I took a bath (really needed to wash my hair). I drank my coffee. I watched a thousand Lonely Island videos (oh how I love them).

And I attempted to turn this silhouette collage of the view from my living room into Art.

Goodness. Picassa was is being annoying as all get out. Not saving the correct version (reverting to previous edits). I've tried a hundred different things and it's still eluding me.

Obviously today is also a greatly exaggerated day.

This is sort of the idea I was aiming towards, except I darkened the branches a bit and changed the color temperature. I cannot for the life of me get that copy to upload or save. 

It can feel like the end of the world when technology that is supposed to work a certain way misfires. I know I'm not the only one to get frustrated at that aspect of modern living.

But here's the thing: it only matters because we choose to let it matter.

I can turn off the computer and step away.

I can let the collage be wabi sabi and not look like exactly what I wanted it be.

I can show you the process instead of the final result I was aiming for.

I can see if I can edit it another, totally opposite way. (And how would that look upon saving? Answer: it finally worked! Inverted above. I like that version a lot, too.)

Or I can keep plugging away, using my mad skillz to get to the image I wanted to get to.

If it works.

Sometimes it doesn't.

The closest to what I was going for, originally.

After updating picasa, I got closer. But not there. (I really want darker shadows. I have darker shadows while I'm viewing the photo in the program. I just don't have them when I save or upload.)

But that is the best I am going to get today, I think.

And so, here you have the tale of technology frustrating me. How I dealt with it without losing my shit. How I let the end product go.

Perhaps tomorrow I can show you the end result. Perhaps not. C'est la m*therf*cking vie!