poeming on a thursday

Relentless Fragility

There is a relentless grief in this world. Over and over, hearts are breaking with pain. Every moment. Every moment. Your grief is the world's grief.

And there is a relentless joy in this world. Over and over, hearts are bursting wide open with happiness. Every moment, every moment. Your joy is the world's joy.

Every moment, joy and grief. The truest truth I know is how abysmally amazing it is to be a human being. Grief and joy, always and always and always.

We are fragile, we are fragile. And the grief and the joy are both rewards for our ongoing fragility, for our need to go on, despite everything, because this fragility is all we know.

There is relentless grief and relentless joy. Sometimes the one is too hard to take, sometimes the other. But we do, we take them both, if we are awake, because they balance in us, in our fragility and they open doors that remain closed while we are sleeping.

And we move through the door and we share everything with the world and we are given everything and we are given nothing. And that is all that needs to be given, everything and nothing, over and over, each moment, until our ending here opens the door to molecular oneness, to our next fragility, to joy and to grief.