spending today in mamaland

Last night, as my husband and I were going to sleep, Remy woke up, sick.

(I'll spare you the gory details, just imagine it being a rather explosive kind of sick.)

Clean up took awhile (even longer for my husband, who for some reason decided to do two loads of laundry instead of waiting for today). Remy came to bed with me (so I could monitor him) and my husband slept in the guest bed. I fully expected that at least one of us would wake up later that night with more explosiveness... but I was wrong.

This morning, Remy slept in a bit and then was up and ready to play, fully energized. As if nothing had happened.

M and I are tired, but fine. No hint of sickness yet. (Knock on wood.) Remy's fine. I have no idea what last night was all about, but that's ok.

All of that to say: today's an unexpected at-home day. (With good parts and bad parts and a tired mama.)

We spent a few hours playing Lego Star Wars on our PlayStation 2 (that thing hasn't been used in MONTHS). We'll do some art. Some reading. Some more playing Lego Star Wars (and pacing and counting the clock because mama needed a break from Lego Star Wars).

And unless he gets sick again, I think he'll be ready to go back to school tomorrow.


Mamaland is a seriously wild ride sometimes. Seriously. Wild.