strength to love

Once upon a time, I took a class in "War and Peace." No, not the book. The ideas. It was a religious studies class and we read books by Ghandi and Martin Luther King Jr. (amongst others).

It was a good class, but what made it especially exciting to me was reading the works of these two men who I had grown up revering. Actually reading their works. The book of Dr. King's that the professor chose was Strength to Love.

Today we here in the USA celebrate Dr King's life. We mourn his death. But most of all, we look forward to a day when his dream is made true, when we are all judged "by the content of our character" and not by "the color of their skin" (or by who we love, or by our religious beliefs, or our gender expression, or by our neurological or physical differences).

But the hardest thing is not to hate the ones who are still holding us back. The bigots and the racists. Even those words make me angry, make me hate that people still believe that garbage.

And yet, hate is just as Dr Martin described it, it is corrupting. Those who hate without cause are just the same as those who hate with cause. Haters.

Hate is false. To get to that world that we dream of, we must continue to walk down the path of love.

It's easy to say some people just suck. That they'll never be redeemed. But that's not gonna help us. And it's not gonna get us closer to the strength we need to love, unconditionally.

It's not gonna get us closer to the world that Dr King dreamed of, the world that I dream of, the world where we can all "live as one" as John Lennon sang.