what we love

In this moment, we have two things: we have our self. And we have what we love.

And I think part of the work is realizing this truth more often than not: those two things are really one. We are what we love. It is part of us, part of our memory, our way of being in this world. Without what we love, we would not exist as we are.

And we have the baggage that we are holding on. The bad memories. The things we hate. The grief. The sorrow. If we are really, really working, we see that that "baggage" is also part of us, part of everything. That nothing can be separated out, and the things we love would not be possible without the things we hate.

And so here is the even bigger picture: everything. Everything is part of this love that is what you have in this moment. Everything exists right now, in you (in every you in existence).

The squirrels, chasing each other through the backyard, twitterpated.
The coffee you are imbibing (organic/ fair trade), the half and half (also organic).
The blog, facebook and instagram posts you are reading.
The music streaming on your computer surround sound system.
The people who made that music possible: the artist, her band, the producer, the execs, all their assistants and family members and baristas and personal chefs and the people who work with them and those that work with them... the workers who made the speakers/ computer/album from start to finish and everyone who supported them and the people who supported those people...  the people who started Spotify and all the users and advertisers who keep it solvent, and the people who fed them all, the people who birthed them all, the people that supported the birthing, the people who supported the feeding....

Can you see that there is not one person on this planet (living and dead) who isn't interconnected? And there is no rock, no stone, no lake or river that is separate from it all, either.

Everything is one.

And this is all right here, all here in you, right now. You are the expression of all this love. You can choose to accept that, or you can choose to ignore it. Every moment. A choice.

The world is going to stay interconnected whether you choose to see it as such or not. The choice is in you, in your perception, in how you act on your perceptions. Your choice changes everything that is connected to you, in ways you can't even see. That's why the mystics and the poets are trying to broaden your perception.

How will the world change when you choose love?

I have no idea. Your life is your own. But I know it will change everything.