wholely corroded pipes

So, yesterday this happened:

I finally gave up thinking I could unclog our basement sink (it's been a two or three week battle; I would get it to the point where it wouldn't overflow when we were using the washing machine, but then a load or two later, it would be completely clogged again and overflow).

I called scheduled a plumber online (how cool is that? So cool!). The very nice plumber showed up relatively quickly and started snaking out the main drain, which made me feel better immediately because that wasn't something I could have done on my own without heavy duty equipment. And then an hour or hour and a half later he said, "There's a hole in the pipes somewhere, I'm going to have to get a camera down there and we'll need to dig up the concrete. Hopefully it will just be one spot."

He called a his partner (after appraising me of how much more this turn of events was going to cost and exactly what they would be responsible for and getting my consent). They got to work.

And after another hour or two, they called me downstairs again.

The pipe was completely corroded and the entire bottom had been eaten away. (The pictures show it turned up, obviously, but the trench was at the bottom when it was taken out.) The entire length of the first section of pipe they'd dug up. Which means the entire line really needs to be replaced. (They gave me the option of only replacing this one section, since the other sections have not quite been eaten through all the way, but the way I see it, if you have corroded, old pipes, you might as well replace them all at once. Thankfully we are in a position where we can do that, financially. It is a huge job.)

So the plumbers kept working, digging through concrete and replacing the pipe that they'd taken out (so that I could use the kitchen sink last night). It's a crazy mess down there now, but hopefully it will only take today or possibly tomorrow to be done.

And then it will be done.

I am just grateful that there wasn't any damage from the pipes being so corroded.

I am just grateful to have the job done quickly and competently, by nice people who obviously know what they are doing. (My step-dad is a contractor, so I know how to suss out incompetence.)

I am just grateful because after this, we'll be able to do laundry again without worrying about the sink overflowing!

I am just grateful because we have money saved up and so we are not sweating this repair.

I am just grateful.