winter doldrums

Lately, I'm not using my dslr very much at all.

I have the mid-season doldrums. This is the part of a season where there isn't much of interest going on outside. I've photographed the bare branches. I've photographed the (small amount of) snow we got.

(This is basically all that's left on the back porch.)

My kid is in school during the day and moreover, it's easier to get daily photos of him on my galaxy player.

Daily photos just lend themselves to the mobile camera. (That's why I started another 365 project - this time self portraits - on instagram#365lex.)

But I still make myself pick up the dslr. I make myself keep using it, even during the doldrums. Practice.

And of course, even when things are gliding along, there is still light to capture, there is still life.

Even in the middle of what appears to be complete calm, there is still a lot going on, under the surface.

Even if that's just the fact that you just vacuumed and feel oddly proud of how much better the floor looks after.

I've picked back up the bird photo-stalking project from last year (photographing the various birds that come to my office window feeder).

Between the cardinals and the blue jays, I might have enough fuel to get me out of the winter doldrums. They're exceedingly difficult to capture!

This photo is actually from last year, I haven't gotten a good shot of the birds yet this year.

But I will keep photo-stalking them and keep practicing.

It's just one way to keep my creative juices flowing. And that's really the cure for the winter doldrums. Creativity.