and i reply: i do

these words came to me this morning, as i contemplated what some people call the gremlin or the inner critic, but which i just think of as one of my many different kinds of thoughts (whispers) that come and go in my mind, like a river.

and i thought about how much love i have for my scared thoughts, for my anxiety, for my neediness.

and i thought about how much love those thoughts need, lest they get even more scared, more anxious, more needy.

and i thought about what i would say to my beloved child, or a beloved friend if they had a thought that started like this. and i wrote in the middle of a blank page, in turquoise, to my beloved self:

sometimes, a little voice whispers in my ear: "if they loved you, they would..." and I reply: "I do."

because the only response i have is the reminder that i do love myself/you. the others of my fears don't exist. only this exists. only love.

only love.