Today is the day I am metaphorically rolling up my sleeves and starting to work on the copy editing and layout of the winter issue of The Studio Voice.  Doting the "i's and crossing the "t"s and making sure everything is spelled correctly and clear. Collaborating with my fellow staff members on where each piece belongs. This is the part of creative work that I really cherish, the beginning moment.

(It isn't quite the beginning beginning, since we had to go through a voting process as well, after submissions rolled in, but layout is the beginning of actual creation.)

And Sunday, we will release the issue out into the world. That's another part of creation that I cherish, the unveiling.

With blogging, the beginning and the moment of letting go are very close together. Not much middle at all, at least for me. Which works, for my style of writing.

This creation will take slightly longer, yes. And be all the more interesting for it, since we have so many wonderful voices to weave together.

I am so grateful to be doing this work that I love so much.