just breathing

I am finding that I still do my best "work" work at night.

Which means staying up late to work. Which means waking up late. Which means not posting here as early as I am used to. Which is completely fine, but gets me a little out of my regular routine (which may mean the routine needs to change). Which may be part of the reason I don't get as much done during the day as I think I could... I really do think clearer and work harder at night, it's just my best time.

And all of which means I am still tired today, despite sleeping in, because I actually slept in every day this week, not just the ones where I was working until late at night (hmmm... needing more sleep: hello February and fighting off another cold).

And it looks like it will be a long three day weekend...

And so, I will breathe. I will stay in this moment. I will not look too far ahead (except to do some mental health planning - my husband is encouraging me to go get a massage this Sunday, and he's right, I need one).

And so, I will breathe. And possibly take a nap in the two hours between now and the play date we are going to this afternoon (which I am very much looking forward to). Mmmm... nap. Or, I could go to sleep earlier tonight instead of staying up to work. Or both.

Staying in this moment is a challenge sometimes. Especially when you have to juggle moments around to see what combination of doing stuff is going to work best.

And yet, here I still am. Right here. Just breathing.