open space

this is what i need to tell you today: you are open enough. there is enough open space around you if you just turn your attention to what is inside you. the entire universe lives and breathes inside of you. open.

you don't need immediate action. you don't need multitasking. you don't need entertaining. you don't need anything other than this open space, this moment, and your breath. it is all here. right here.

practice. is. everything.

it is ok to be uncertain. it is just as ok to be completely certain but to be waiting on someone else's response. waiting doesn't mean your space is taken away. you have all the open space you ever need, right there.

your expansion into this immensity of openness doesn't hinge on anyone else. your path is still in front of you: no need to think of anything as a detour, the entire path is one detour after another. there's only one destination and you want to take all your time to get there because you never know when it is coming, that slam into the greatest unknown of all.

if there is a need in you for cushion space, when you breach the cushioning, you pay. one way or the other. and sometimes it is worth it, and sometimes it isn't. and it is entirely your call to make.

no need for apology, except the ones you want to make.

this is your one life.
your. one. life.
is one.