out of the blue...

I did something Wednesday night that I don't usually do. I bought a plant at a grocery store.

I don't buy flowers, or plants, unless they're organic/ fair trade or come from a local farm. That's not just about me not wanting pesticides in my house, that's about supporting workers who are getting fair pay and not being inundated with poisonous chemicals.

And I rather doubt that this primrose, which cost all of $1.99 at Whole Foods, came with their Whole Trade label. (I didn't know to check, actually, until I looked up the link today. Next time I will.)

But I needed color in the house. Green. And that price was too good to pass up.

I bought one plant. Put it over my kitchen sink. And let the green and the blue/ yellow start soaking in.

And then yesterday, when Remy got off the school bus (he leapt into my arms and kissed me, he is being exceptionally affectionate lately, it is beyond sweet), I saw that our hyacinths have already started sprouting. (The earliest photo I have of them last year is in early March, but they're bigger than they are right now. They bloomed towards the end of March. And died in mid April.)

Sometimes we need to do something unexpected. Sometimes, we need to remember that even in the middle of winter, life is waiting to spring forth.

There is no time when we are not surrounded by life on this planet. Even bare branches are living (and if they're not, they are in the process of decay, which is just a new form of life).

And you are alive, even in ebb.

Life, everywhere.