practicing february courage

* There's an update to yesterday's post in the comments and I will continue to update there as news comes in. It's gonna be a long road, but every day brings progress. I thank you all for your continued positive thoughts and prayers for my friend's child.

* The winter submission period for The Studio Voice just ended and I am knee deep in awesomeness. Beautiful. We (meaning Melody) are busy working on our revamped site, as well. I can't wait til we unveil, either later this week or early next. It's completely gorgeous. We've got some other great projects up our sleeves, too - collaboration is fab!

* Our winter issue comes out February 17th! We've got an exciting lineup, including some new voices and well established ones. Lovely stuff. (Like the first issue, this one is also free.)

* Amelia (our founding editor) linked to this romantic set of free fonts on her blog. Mmmm...

* I can't really believe it's almost Valentine's Day.

* As a gift to myself (and to ward against my usual former February Blues) I am taking the Be Your Own Beloved course Vivienne McMaster is running this month. Oh so much delight!

* We're also going back to Cali again this year (as a family this year! YAY!) but not until the end of the month. Note to self for next year: go somewhere warmer earlier in the month of February. By the end of February, it will have been Too Much Cold all in a row. (By the beginning of February this year, I'm already feeling that feeling. Breathing through it. Breathing. Breathing.)

* It snowed again last night. Just a little. Just enough to dust the space around us with white. I did a mini "photo walk" in my front yard before I started writing (15 photos). I might grab my snow pants (just for the warmth, no need for the waterproofness) and go out for a longer walk later, but then again, I may not.

* Staying warm is the biggest part of my winter self care. Snow pants when I go outside or snuggled up under a duvet on the couch. This is important stuff for me to remember. It's too easy to let the snow pants stay in the basement just because it hasn't snowed deep enough to actually need them. I bought pink snow pants for a reason: to wear. Sometimes I need to remind myself they are there for me.

* I am here for myself, practicing courage. This is what courage in February looks like for me, right now. Expanding into my new role as editor of The Studio Voice, praying for my friend's child, doing creative projects and staying warm.

* I send courage and prayers out into the world, knowing that my intentions matter, knowing that who we are and what we do matters. Knowing that you matter, too, more than you might ever know. 

And all of this will pass, in the blink of a beautiful eye.