a poem-photo and some thoughts on the impending spring break

decaying leaves, buds;
a horizon event in me
starting to expand

Today I am realizing that April is almost here. That next week is spring break and ooops, until this morning I forgot spring break means I am going to have to be getting up earlier than I am usually used to. Maybe the can't-sleep-in of last week was preparation?

In any case, I won't be able to stay up very late nights next week writing (or watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer with my husband, or playing Angry Birds til my wrists hurt, eep). I'll need to sleep. And to limit my excess Facebook/ Angry Birds time.

There's less chance for overwhelm if I go into a situation with my eyes open, remembering and renewing my commitment to what I value most: family, adventure and art-creation. While maintaining the self-care routines to keep myself healthy and happy.

Also, tabula rasa helps - we cleaned house last week, so everything still feels really open and spacious (and clean) instead of cluttered. Although there is still clutter, it's mostly at the edges instead of in the center. That makes a difference. (I still haven't had the car to take the piles of donations to the thrift store yet. It rained too much last week.)

I love having Remy home with me, but it's important to keep my sanity (and remembering about the sleep will hopefully help a lot).

I'm especially looking forward to next week, since poeming into the now is starting. I sent out the first email yesterday, with a warm-up poetry prompt. If you're on the fence about joining and want a taste of what it will be like, here's the welcoming email.

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