a (second) hint at spring...

[I just found this in drafts, I thought I had published it. Well, here's a snapshot from the end of March, published in May. I tried to set the correct date so it will archive correctly, but if you're reading this through an rss reader, I'm not sure how that will work.]

I have some windows open upstairs. There's a light breeze.
I'm wearing a 3/4 sleeve cardigan over my outfit, instead of a sweater.
I'm not wearing layering tights under my jeans!
The sky is bright blue, with an almost full strength sun.
The high today is going to be 50 Fahrenheit.
After weeks of just above freezing, I'm ecstatic.

All these are signs that spring, really truly spring, is on the way.

Plus, we've got buds galore.

I am patiently waiting on my front yard bulbs to bloom (hyacinth, daffodil and  iris - the tulips were apparently eaten by squirrels). I found a wayward crocus plant in the backyard, but it's tucked out of sight, most of the time (note to self: plant more crocuses, next fall. Also more tulips, under mesh or something).

And then there's the trees. So many trees in the neighborhood. (So much beauty. So much pollen. Yes, that sore throat and stuffiness I've had the last almost week? High ceder pollen counts. Time to start my allergy regime.)

Oh, my beautiful cherry plum tree will be blooming soon. I am so excited.

Spring makes me happy. Warmth, color, light: I need all of these things.

And next week, it will be April! Poetry month!!! YIPEE!!!!!!!!

I'm running a poem-every-day e-course (Poeming into the Now), and I am so excited! There's definitely still time to join us, if you're interested. (Registration is now closed.)

Next week is also Spring Break and I've promised Remy adventures, so I may be laptop blogging.