April: poeming into the now

Here is an offering from me to you: my first e-course is happening. You can register starting now. I am not beta testing this, I am jumping into it full throttle and doing a month long course. Which is kind of insane, but hey. Live and learn, right? I am asking for your support, in whatever amount you can comfortably offer.

This means you get to pay what feels good to you. I am asking a suggested minimum of $30 (only a dollar a day for my month long work), but I am letting you decide. Pay what feels good. Pay what you can.

If you cannot pay suggested minimum, and need to offer less, please do not worry. Instead, pay a kindness to the world in the place of the money you would have liked to have spent, but couldn't. Take a bag of toys and nice clothes to a charity of your choice. Take your neighbor a casserole or cookies. I'll leave the kindness to you, but please let me know what it will be, in the notes to seller.

Want more details? Of course you do!

April is NaPoWriMo and WE are going to be writing a poem each day. Together. Poeming into the now. This ecourse is how I am going to hold your hand. (I have done this for three years now. This will be my fourth time. Four is my lucky number.)

30 days. Daily, live emails from me about poeming (writing poetry), poems, form and/ or poets who inspire me. (By live I mean that I am not scheduling these. I am writing them in the moment, too. This will be my April practice, in addition to my blogging practice during the week.)

Yes: daily emails means weekends, too. Poeming does not stop on the weekends, in April. This is about momentum building. Daily practice.

(This is a challenge. It might be hard. It might not be. Whether it is hard or not, doesn't matter. What matters is that if you want to do it, you do it.)

If you choose to join me in April: poeming into the now, you can expect: 

* That you WILL write one poem every day in April. "There is no try. There is do or do not do."
* Daily inspirational in-the-moment emails from me. I'll write and hit send. Every day.
* A private Facebook group where your daily poem can be posted (or not). Where you can voice your excuses and get them out of your system. Where you can help other people overcome their excuses.
* My encouragement and support via email, if Facebook isn't your scene. And even if you are in the Facebook group, you can email me at any time during the month, privately and I will respond.
* That this will be real and wabi sabi. Not perfect. Shit will undoubtedly happen, but it will get dealt with.

(You can write your poem on paper or electronically. You can share the poem with no one, with just me or with the entire class. It is entirely up to you.)

I will not be critiquing poems. Critique is not the point of poeming every day. The point is to build your poeming muscles by daily practice. Cultivating gratitude for the creative exercise. Gratitude for showing up.

This course isn't for everyone. Not everyone wants to write a poem a day! I think that's obvious. You should only join me if you are willing to set aside at least ten minutes a day to read my email and write a poem. Ten minutes a day (or less) to write a poem? Yes. You can devote more time (and you probably will), but all you need to commit is ten minutes.

And if you do feel called to write a poem every day in April, you can absolutely do it without this e-course. I did the first three times! The only thing NaPoWriMo is about is showing up to the blank page (screen) every day. Every day. Whether you feel like it or not.

And THAT is why I'm offering this course. Because you might not always feel like showing up to the blank page. You might even *gasp* forget, if you haven't already made a habit of writing one poem a day. Showing up is hard and I have first hand experience. I have been there, making excuses and I don't listen to them anymore. I will help you show up to your own page. Every day. One poem a day.

I cannot write your poems for you, I can only prompt and encourage. You have to start with your life as it is right now and poem from there. Whether you are in a good place or a bad place, doesn't matter. All you have to be is ready to begin.

Are you ready?

Pay what feels good

* I tried to answer every question I could think of here. If you have any other questions, please ask! I am really jumping into this full throttle and I want to make this experience as easy and fun as possible. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

* There is a chance this is literally going to be three people. (I can already name the three friends I am pretty sure will join and I hope they absolutely know I do not mind if they have to pay with a kindness instead of money.) And if it is a class of only three? AWESOMETASTIC! Really, truly. Awesometastic!!!! I am ready to write my heart out every day for one person or fifteen people. This is about the experience. My experience, your experience. 

I am ready. Are you?

[This class is over - we'll be having another session soon!]