from out the window: Northern California

For whatever reason, I like to take photos while I am riding in the passenger seat. This is one of the main reasons I like not driving, if we are taking a road trip: I can't take photos while I am driving. I am pretty sure I have been doing this since I was a teenager (with a point and shoot film camera).

I've taken so many photos on so many road trips. I'm getting better at taking photos from a moving vehicle, but it still leads to a lot of almost-good photos and really-really-awful-just-delete-it photos.

That's ok. That's what practice is for.

I don't take photos because I think I'm one of the greatest photographers in the world. I know I am not. And I don't aim to be. (And actually, I would debate the notion that there could be a "greatest" of any art - there are greats, yes. But who they are depends on what your tastes are.)

I am taking photos for myself. For my family. And to share with you a little slice of my world. I happen to love the social media bandwagon. I love seeing slices of life from all over the world. That's why instagram is my favorite social media platform right now.

And because of all my practice, and because of luck, sometimes the photos I take from moving car windows turn out the way I intended. That I managed to get this one of the hawk with such gorgeous solar flare? Blows me away.

Point and shoot. Easy peasy. Except not. None of the photos I took of the oyster beds turned out. Oh well.

This is the photo-story of the drive my mom and sister and I took through Sonoma and into West Marin last week. This is a drive that is deeply nostalgic for me (I went to elementary school in this part of Northern California for two years).

This is just a small part of the world I love, but it is deeply part of me.

Yes. Here is part of my heart, manifested in landscape. Not the greatest photos, but deeply, deeply felt.

Which is exactly what I am attempting to remember, when I take photos from moving vehicles. If I wanted a 'perfect' photo, I would pull the car over (which I also do).